The Keypointing Repointing System

At the heart of our service is the Keypointing mortar gun. It is light enough to go up scaffolding and small enough to go down tunnels. It can pump any standard mortar mix. As well as traditional lime mortars, the Keypointing gun can accomodate all types and grades of gauges, masonry and cement mortars.

The gun has interchangable nozzles so the mortar is pumped into the joint not onto the face. It is far more accurate than a pointing trowel, especially with fine joints. There is rarely need for remedial cleaning.

The mortar is forced into the furthest recesses of the joint, filling it from the back forward and thus reducing any chance of air locks. This makes it suitable for stonework.

Mortar joints our raked to a specified depth employing mechanical means such as angle grinders and drills incorporating dust extraction facilities by Keypointing time served craftsmen trained and experienced in the techniques.

Mortar mixes are gauged and batched using standard size gauging recepticle for each constituent and mixed in a mechanical tilting drum mixer. Because we gauge our mixes there is little chance of variation of colour.

We like to use local sands that match the colour and character of the original finish but any colourants and other admixtures may be added to the mix as required.