The Keypointing services are based on a unique mechanical injection repointing system.

Our systems include a unique range of power tools to ensure a proper depth of rake of the old mortar and our mortar gun ensures new mortar is put back into the joint thoroughly.

The Keypointing mortar gun is light enough to go up scaffolding and small enough to go down tunnels. It can pump any standard mortar mix as well as traditional lime mortars, and can accommodate all types and grades of gauged, masonry and cement mortars.

We like to use local sands that match the colour and character of the original finish but any colourants and other admixtures may be added to the mix as required.

This means that your repointing is finished to a high standard, on time and within budget, giving your building the look that you want.

Keypointing provides:

  • Proven advantages over hand pointing
  • British standard mortar designs
  • Traditional lime putty mortars
  • Coloured mortars
  • No reliance on admixtures
  • No over strength proprietary mixes
  • Improved bonding of mortar to brickwork
  • Positive fill of joints without voids
  • Quality control procedures
  • Disturbance to occupants minimised
  • System trained operatives
  • Dust extraction
  • Appropriate depths of rake
  • Technical advice and backup
  • Work guaranteed to BS 8221 : Part 2 : 2000
  • CDM requirements implemented
  • Track record - established 1996