About us

A little about us

Keypointing is a professional repointing and brickwork company based in Maidstone, Kent and has steadily increased its work force. Keypointing covers the South, South East of England and London.

Everyone knows that the most critical element of repointing is to take out the old mortar, but it is tiring, dirty and uneconomical, so very few companies do it properly. No one else has our range of raking tools, unless repointing was a full time activity this would be too expensive. At Keypointing we see them as vitally important.

The way we work

Our repointing tools have integrated dust guards with adjustable depth gauges which, once set, ensure a constant depth of rake. The guards are linked to our specially designed dust extraction units which save the property and the operative from the mess and inconvienience normally associated with raking out.

There is little disturbance to residents and other 'on site' works. All our craftsmen are time served employees and trained to the highest level of competancy and accuracy in the use of our special tools.